Solid Oak Furniture

Stradins workshop unique solid wood furniture and art furniture pieces is made from carefully selected pieces of wood and some lumber. Each selected material must be appropriate in the composition of oak furniture like in art furniture too. Uniqueness is achieved by use of naturally appeared forms of wood in the construction. The composition is created with the help of the form of wood and wood grain, with the cooperation of man and natural elements. After treatment of smoothly polished oak furniture forms with oils and waxes, there is a desire to touch the art furniture and feel its shape.

Based on the intended use of an object, its value, as well as desires of the customer, individual projects are developed in the workshop – the result unique solid oak furniture and art furniture with a “soul” – for private and public use.

* Stradins master’s workshop produce and realize separate solid oak furniture and art furniture or its groups for the general interior of the following types of premises: bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hallways, offices, children’s rooms, halls, baths, bars, restaurants, wardrobes.

* Free-form oak furniture and art furniture with its natural forms is perfect for hunting castles, wineries, bilardny halls and holiday complexes.