How to order?

Cooperation procedure

The further description provides detailed insight into the cooperation stages of the Stradiņš master workshop and the customer.

Call or write to me, or visit my workshop.

  1. During the first conversation I will listen to your wishes and inform about my possibilities.
  2. If you want me to design and plan the placement of particular furniture, furniture groups and accessories within the facility chosen by you, then the next meeting takes place at the aligned timing in the facility indicated by you *
  3. I perform detailed measurements of your facility, create a gallery of photographs for the need of planning, take notes, listen to your wishes and vision about the ideas of the use and operation of the environment to be planned *
  4. According to your order, I perform the planning of product placement within the facility (interior or exterior) at my workshop. I do it by technical drawing of the plan within the set scale of the measured environment, perform marking of the placement of furniture, dimensions and sizes.
    I plan graphical and clear design and constructive solution for each of the furniture separately by creating a sketch, drawing or detailed technical drawing. I calculate the potential total costs of work, materials, forecasted business trips abroad and other costs in relation to the execution of work and the payment sequence. I calculate the duration of works. These works I include in the total estimate (written format) *
  5. I get you acquainted with the performed work in my workshop or electronically, which reflects the planned visual look of your order, costs, work execution terms, mutual liabilities and other essential details
  6. In the case if you approve the developed materials, then the mutual cooperation agreement is signed, clearly defining the liabilities of the Customer and the Contractor during the cooperation
  7. In the case if you do not approve the developed solutions and visual materials, then the repeated development is performed for the parts you were not satisfied with. In the case when the agreement is not made regarding the execution of works, then the total amount provided in the estimate for the design works and costs for business trips abroad shall be covered by the Customer (See Paragraph 4)
  8. Work execution starts on the previously aligned timing *
  9. During the execution of works, cooperation is constantly maintained with a purpose to inform about the work process, possible changes to be aligned between both parties
  10. Work and payment for the execution of it are made within the previously aligned timing
  11. During the operation of furniture a maintenance and renovation is to be performed upon the separate request *

* Paid work – included in the total estimate