Since 1997 I have worked with unusual ,created by nature, wood forms. Enhanced by my imagination and craftsmanship, I have been able to fashion, personalized, hard to copy,solid oak furniture, art furniture. As well as design elements in the home, garden and anything the client envisions.

I work with other artists and craftpersons , incorporating their work in my designs: be it metal, glass, stone,ceramics or textiles.

Products, for creation of which natural material with its shape, texture and plasticity is used are called differently in the world: Organic design, free-form furniture, green furniture. Having started in 1997, I named the products of my workshop – the Nature forms furniture. Under this name I was registered as an individual merchant from 2004 to 2011. Since 2004 I am a certified master of natural wood processing. *Since 2008, the workshop is given the name of a master’s workshop . *Since 2011 – The workshop was named as Stradins workshop.

Master of natural wood shapes processing – diploma Nr.5373 by Latvia’s chamber of crafts